Young Living Make-and-Take Fall Party

I had a great time opening my home to friends for my first Make-and-Take party on Thursday! Check out what we made below.


Pumpkin Spice Room Spray

So yummy smelling! Really, what is fall without pumpkin spice? Young Living Clove essential oil provides antioxidant and digestive support, and you can use it when you have physical discomfort. Young Living Orange essential oil promotes relaxation, supports your circulatory system, and can uplift your mood. Young Living Cinnamon essential oil provides immune and circulatory support.


2-ounce brown/blue glass spray bottle

1.5 ounces distilled water

1 tsp witch hazel (with alcohol to help disperse the oil)

3 drops Young Living clove essential oil

3 drops Young Living orange essential oil

1 drop Young Living cinnamon essential oil


Using a measuring cup and funnel, pour distilled water into glass bottle.

Using a dropper, put 1 tsp of witch hazel into bottle.

Put 3 drops clove oil in bottle.

Put 3 drops orange oil in bottle.

Put 1 drop cinnamon oil in bottle.

Add a little more distilled water to top off bottle.

Put top on bottle.

Add a label to bottle.

Gently shake bottle before spraying.

Enjoy a pumpkin-fresh-smelling house!


Alternative for pregnant women:

7 drops of Young Living Citrus Fresh essential oil (instead of clove, orange, and cinnamon) Citrus Fresh oil blend contains Tangerine, Orange, Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Spearmint essential oils. Citrus Fresh is energizing, purifying, and it promotes mental clarity.

You can also make a bigger batch of this spray by using

16-ounce blue/brown glass spray bottle

14 ounces distilled water

2 Tbsp witch hazel (with alcohol)

24 drops clove oil

24 drops orange oil

8 drops cinnamon oil

Lavender Lemon Detox Bath Salts

So relaxing and soothing! Young Living Lavender essential oil supports healthy skin and promotes relaxation. Young Living Lemon essential oil is cleansing and provides immune and circulatory support. Epsom salt soothes sore muscles, increases circulation, and promotes relaxation. Baking soda is alkalizing and is known for drawing toxins out of your body.



8-ounce glass jar with lid

1/2 cup Epsom salt

1/4 cup baking soda

5 drops Young Living lavender essential oil

5 drops Young Living lemon essential oil


Using a funnel, add Epsom salt to bottle.

Using a funnel, add baking soda to bottle.

Put 5 drops lavender oil into bottle.

Put 5 drops lemon oil into bottle.

Use a knife or spoon to stir mixture.

Use a spoon to add more Epsom salt and baking soda to top off bottle.

Stir again, and put lid on bottle.

Add label to bottle.

Add 1/2 cup to bath.

I also talked about the amazing Premium Starter Kit!


Want to get your own starter kit? Click here!

Thanks to Pamela Smerker Designs and Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry for the inspiration for the recipes.

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