My prayer for every person who visits this site is that you find encouragement and hope here.

A few other things you will find here:

Health Coaching Services

Natural health tips

Delicious, nutritious meal and snack recipes

DIY non-toxic household recipes

DIY personal care recipes

What makes this site different from other natural health sites?

A strong spiritual component is often missing in today’s healthcare strategies, but it should not be ignored or downplayed. You will find biblically-based info to support your spiritual, emotional, and physical health here.

Who is this site for?

Anyone who wants to thrive spiritually, emotionally, and physically–instead of just surviving!

More specifically…

First, my kids. I wanted to develop an online notebook as a resource for my children, a place where they can come to find recipes and natural health info, especially for when they leave home and make their own health choices.

Second, my friends and family. Many loved ones have asked me about the recipes and natural health products I use. It is much easier to have one place to keep all my info instead of sending individual emails to people.

Third, anyone interested in natural health. Many people want to reduce the toxic load on their spirit, soul, and body. Since 2012, I have worked with two nutritionists, two chiropractors, medical doctors, a Christian counselor, and a massage therapist to overcome several illnesses and chronic conditions by changing my diet and using herbs, essential oils, and natural supplements. I have also used many detoxification strategies that have supported healing in my spirit, soul, and body. I share my experience and journey here to encourage anyone looking for natural solutions.

I am a proud Spring 2016 graduate of Dr. Josh Axe’s Institute for Nutritional Leadership.


The institute is a training class that prepares students to become holistic health coaches. During the class I studied many health topics including diets, vitamin/nutrient deficiencies, restoring digestion, balancing hormones, essential oils, weight loss and exercise, lifestyle strategies, and detoxification.

A holistic health coach is an educator whose purpose is to help, encourage, and inspire clients to reach personal spiritual, emotional, and physical health goals.

My purpose is to detail my experience and share the methods and products that have worked for me and others. This site is not meant to diagnose, prevent, cure, or treat any disease. Please consult your health care professional for a personal disease treatment plan.

Making lifestyle changes and reaching health goals can be daunting and difficult. My mission is to give you the tools and inspiration you need to reach your health goals and be your best.





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