15% of all income from this website will go to The Sharing Org and the Young Living Foundation. (10% to The Sharing Org and 5% to the Young Living Foundation.)

Dear friends of mine founded and operate The Sharing Org, a non-profit ministry to adults in foster care and nursing homes. Many elderly and mentally-ill adults cannot leave their homes to attend church services, so The Sharing Org brings the love of Jesus to them. My husband and I have been supporting The Sharing Org since 2013.

The Young Living Foundation gives 100% of donations to organizations who are committed to disaster relief, educating children in poverty, rescuing homeless and enslaved children, and providing shoes and health care to children in Uganda.

It is an honor and privilege for me to work with a company and foundation whose passion is to bring hope and healing to hurting people around the world.

Some of the non-profit organizations supported and funded by the Young Living Foundation include

African Hearts Community Organization

Healing Faith Uganda

Sole Hope

Hope For Justice

For more information on the Young Living Foundation, click here.