Health Coaching

I have been eating a strict Paleo diet since 2013. This diet change, along with other natural strategies allowed me to overcome many health challenges including chronic fatigue, permeated intestines, chronic yeast infections, anxiety attacks, depression, eczema, hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, and hypoglycemia. During my health journey, each of my talented health care professionals offered me wonderful medical wisdom but often failed to offer me the encouragement, understanding, and motivation I needed to keep moving forward. I could have benefited tremendously from a health coach to walk the difficult road with me. Now I am excited to offer my clients the inspiration I have gained from my own successful health journey.


As a holistic health coach, I educate and help my clients formulate goals to overcome their current health challenges. I encourage, motivate, and inspire each client to be their best. I offer support in implementing strategies every step of the way and celebrate every victory won!

“I want to make healthy choices, but I don’t know where to start!”

I hear this a lot! The Road to Wellness is the perfect resource to help you get started! It covers everything from understanding your blood work results and exercising to addressing emotional health and choosing a diet that fits your needs. Written by a naturopathic doctor, this workbook contains 7 easy-to-understand steps you can repeat for a lifetime of wellness. Click here to order your workbook, and then send me an email if you would like accountability/coaching as you work through the seven steps.

Health Coaching Fees (Local: Greenville, SC, or Long-Distance)

15-minute Phone Consultation: FREE (contact spiritsoulbodyhealth (at) gmail (dot) com to set up your free consultation)

Wellness Plan

7 months of coaching/accountability as you complete the Road to Wellness workbook: $35 (NO CHARGE for Young Living Members in my downline)

Hourly Meetings (instead of Wellness Plan)

Initial Planning Meeting (in-person, phone, or Skype): $30/hour (NO CHARGE for Young Living Members in my downline)

Follow-up Meetings (in-person, phone, or Skype): $25/hour (NO CHARGE for Young Living Members in my downline)

Grocery Store Tours

Private: $30

2-3 people: $15 each

4 people: $10 each